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Shop for Panic BarsOur highly-trained service techs are able to install panic devices and entry push devices to fit your needs. Our expert technicians can install and repair panic hardware at affordable prices. We assure that the system meets or exceeds all safety laws and codes.

  • Panic bars
  • Alarmed exit doors
  • Deadbolted panic devices
  • Exit door locks and panic hardware
  • Pushbutton locks
  • Fire & safety code compliant hardware
  • Auto relocking devices
  • Vertical rod, rim mounted & mortise devices

Exit If you are looking for the best rates on emergency exit devices repair and install services, we are the best because we offer estimates. Door Repair Queens offer commercial grade door exit devices and panic door hardware including touch bar rim exit devices, surface vertical rod panic devices, concealed vertical rod panic devices, and alarm exit devices for emergency egress door applications.

Panic Bars Reapir

The three most common problems that I have witnessed in panic hardware door related injuries are
(1) Improper installation (2) Poor maintenance (3) Placement of inappropriate secondary locks.

Need to install panic bars or push bars for your commercial doors? At, Door Repair Queens, we employ expert locksmiths who can come to your business to install and repair all types of emergency exit devices, panic bars and fire doors.
Panic hardware is a door component that was designed to allow fast and unencumbered exit from a doorway. Panic hardware is appropriate almost any place where fast evacuation from a building may be the difference between life and death of the occupants (Life Safety).
A more modern style emergency panic device is commonly referred to as a “Crash-Bar”. This piece of hardware is generally made up of a flat integral component that when pushed against, retracts a latch mechanism. Similar to the older style device employing the pipe or bar in function, the newer style crash bar is easier to push, and is generally more resistant to obstructive issues, and functions with fewer moving elements on the exterior of the device.

Door repair Queens offers heavy-duty panic and exit hardware suitable for a variety of door applications including wood, metal, and aluminum frame doors.

Access Exit Devices From The Exterior – Panic exit bars are designed the same in which you will always have a manual exit from the building, that choice is easy. However what is not as easy to decide if and how to allow access from the exterior. Depending on the purpose of the door you may want to decide to not have any door trim on the outside. If the door is not a heavily used exterior door you may use a crash bar with cylinder lock access and put a dummy pull handle on the outside. This would result in key access only and automatic locking as soon as the key is removed from the door. If the door is heavily used outside trim such as knob or lever handles can be used. In this case the handle would be locked or unlocked and general access can be allowed. Lastly for higher security properties that must allow general access electronic access can be paired with all of the surface mount panic exit bars. This has nearly unlimited variations of access possibilities.

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